The Tallest Tale Ever Told

The Tallest Tale Ever Told $10.99

Vivian Snipes

Published by Dramatic Publishing

2 Male 2 Female

Take a journey of discovery to a simpler, earlier time of possibility and promise when amazing men and women accomplished astounding adventures!

This highly theatrical tall tale is a narrative based in fact

Fact that includes embellishment, enhancement, enlargement and aggrandizement!

If it didn't, it wouldn't be a Tall Tale

So let the thunder roll, lightning strike and the rain storm as Davy Crockett bursts to life saving the world from imminent destruction

When the sun gets stuck between two mountains, Davy will grab Bartholomew Bear by the fur, tossing him to and fro

And releasing the sun

Head reeling and dizzy, Bear Backwards Bartholomew swears revenge

And Davy quickly skedaddles

But only after he falls in love with the power and strength of the sun and stars

Because now the most fateful day arrives ...

The day his true love Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind is born

Kissed by the sun and made of stars and sunshine, she can out-run, out-fish, and out-wrestle all nine of her brothers - played by one actor or nine!

But when she's relegated to "women's work", Sally Ann dreams of discovering her true destiny

And so she says goodbye to her family and sets off on life's journey

Using her wits and wiles, Sally Ann survives the seasons and befriends many animals along the way

Known for digging herself a mammoth cave, clearing the Cumberland Gap and defending her fabulous pies from hungry alligators, Sally Ann becomes renowned for her selfless heart and heroic actions

She can and she will change the world for the better - one action at a time!

Flexible staging - runs about 60 minutes.

M2,F2 - Can be expanded up to M10,F4 or 16 either gender

Puppetry opportunities if desired


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