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+ The Starry Messenger

Large Mixed Cast

Kenneth Lonergan Price: $11.99

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A bittersweet exploration of love, hope and the mysteries of the cosmos

Mark Williams is tired of his marriage and tired of his job teaching astronomy at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City

Angela Vasquez is a young single mother training to be a nurse

Norman Ketterly is fighting for his life in a cancer ward

Their intertwining stories unspool under a canopy of stars too vast to imagine and too beautiful to comprehend

Especially when the travails of life on Earth threaten to blot it out



"Moving and beautifully written" ~ New York Post

"The gentle, compassionate comic drama … has the sweet taste of redemption" ~ The New York Times

"Lacing questions large and small, about ourselves and the cosmos, with characteristic sensitivity, compassion and humour" ~ Variety

"A rich and engrossing new play … a sprawling, mature, leisurely profound serious comedy about everyday desperation and cosmic mysteries" ~ Newsday

Kenneth Lonergan’s previous stage plays include the Pulitzer Prize-nominated The Waverly Gallery, This is Our Youth, Lobby Hero, which was nominated for the Olivier Award, and the acclaimed film Manchester by the Sea

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