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The Smartest Girl in the World

2 Male, 2 Female

Miriam Gonzales Price: $9.99

This charming comedy takes a look at the bonds of family and the key to facing life’s challenges together

Leo and Lizzy Martinez have a plan - they want to be the smartest kids in the world!

The children of hard-up, hardworking immigrants, big brother Leo has convinced his little sis Lizzy that being smart is the key to helping their family escape a tough, uncertain reality

The first step in the plan is for Leo to win the local TV kids’ quiz show

But when their parents refuse to let him join the quiz team, Lizzy learns there’s something deeper driving Leo — something that makes life that much more challenging and unpredictable for her brother and her family

Seeing her brother’s spirit broken, Lizzy is determined to grow up, give up her dreams and rescue the plan to see it through

Along the way, she and Leo discover that it takes more than being serious and “smart” to save a family and one another.

Runs about 70 minutes


“Heartfelt and funny yet full of warmth … includes witty dialogue and realistic characters who are full of determination and the desire to succeed” ~

“What gives the play its staying power is how well it captures a child’s-eye view of reality, where storybook imagination blurs into the more mundane challenges of growing up” ~

“The beauty of the play … lies in these lessons revealed and learned about the centrality of family, the merits of striving, and the essence of character ... the play succeeds in validating, elevating and educating.” ~

“[A] breezy tale … about siblings who move from a rose-colored view of each other to a more mature and growing love” ~

“A fast-paced comedy with heart that zips through its running time without a moment’s pause and ends up creating the biggest smile you’ll have all day” ~ Valley Screen and Stage

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