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The Sea Gull

Large Mixed Cast

Anton Chekhov trans Stark Young Price: $9.99

This is a precise translation of the classic story about life, love, theatre and the disappointments they hold for this passionate, imperfect cast of characters:

Irina, a fading, middle-aged actress

Trigorin, a moderately popular author who realizes his own failure to achieve 'greatness'

And Irina's muddled and melancholy son Konstantin, who is lovesick over beautiful Nina, an aspiring actress

Enchanted by the lure of the older, debonair Trigorin and obsessed with becoming an actress, Nina runs off with him to the city where she bears his child and becomes just another would-be of the stage

She returns to the provinces, deserted by Trigorin, and again rejects Konstantin's professions of love


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