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The School for Wives

6 Male, 2 Female

Moliere adapt Miles Malleson Price: $12.99

Arnolphe is a rich man of 50 years who has delayed taking a wife for fear of being cuckolded, but now plans to wed the ward he has educated in convents and kept innocent of the ways of the world

But Agnes' innocence is his undoing

When a young man tips his hat to her on the street, she curtsies

One can meet a lot of swains that way

At length she and Horace fall in love, and Horace confides in Arnolphe how he is pulling the wool over the eyes of Agnes' guardian, not knowing that Arnolphe is that man

With this information, Arnolphe should have been able to nip the romance in the bud, but Agnes' innocence and naivete always confound him

At length, her father, thought dead, returns and announces his intention to wed her to the son of a friend and this happens to be Horace

Arnolphe is congratulated in the end for his pains in raising Agnes so well, and for his success in again avoiding matrimony

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