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The Saxon King - The Story of Sutton Hoo - PERFORMANCE PACK

Large Mixed Cast

Anthony James & Katherine Brooks Price: $99.95

On the eve of the Second World War, Mrs Edith Pretty witnesses a phantom army battling in the sky above her land

She sets out to discover just what is buried under Sutton Hoo, discovering a long forgotten king’s treasure

This is a fictional story based on the Anglo-Saxon treasures discovered at Sutton Hoo in 1939, and Bede’s story of King Edwin and King Readwald’s alliance against King Ethelfrid as he wrote in Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the English People

Complete 50 minute show supplied ready to perform by 15 to 100 children with script, (including stage directions) historical Fact Sheets

This Performance Pack includes ...

  • The Script

  • An Art Pack - containing instructions as to how to design and construct the scenery, make the costumes and recreate the props

  • Music Score - score for piano which usually includes guitar chords

  • Music CD - fully orchestrated Backing Tracks which can be used for performance & rehearsal

    Click and listen to a Sample of two of the Songs ...

    It's so Hard to be the King

    The other Songs are ...

  • A Kings Treasure
  • New Dawn
  • Past Times
  • Sailing To The Sky
  • Savage Saxons
  • The Mask
  • The Phantom Army
  • We Fight
  • Anglo Saxons

    A Pack of 10 REHEARSAL SCRIPTS & SONG LYRICS is available separately by clicking here

    Royalty free if you don't charge the audience

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