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The Salt Wound

Stephen Greenhorn Price: $17.99

'The Salt Wound ushers in not only the monumental sea but also an almost oppressive awareness of a close-knit fishing community with all its orthodoxies, traditions and celebrations

Greenhorn does a convincing job of taking the classical passions of Greek tragedy and transposing them to a modern setting - everyone is right and wrong. No-one can do anything about it ... It holds an audience gripped' ~ The Glasgow Herald

'Doom-laden pride by the dark seashore; hubris and guilt by the heavy netload; the entrapment of the ancient burden of mother-love

It hardly sounds like the work of a young, urban Scottish playwright; but, lo, it is. A powerful perception of individuals ostracised by the closed and pious community ... We witness real joy here, and real eye-smarting tragedy' ~ The Scotsman

'A tough, humane piece. Aims at both the heart and the head and leaves neither unchurned' ~ The Times

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