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The Rule of Three - The Rats &The Patient & Afternoon at the Seaside

Large Mixed Cast

Agatha Christie Price: $12.99

The Rule of Three

A series of three one-act plays, The Patient, The Rats and Afternoon at the Seaside involving murder, theft and deception at home and abroad

The Patient - M5, F 4

Mrs Wingfield fell over the balcony but no-one could be sure if it was an accident, attempted murder or failed suicide

All her relatives are summoned to the nursing home and Mrs Wingfield is unable to speak, but with the aid of Dr Ginsberg's ingenious device, the attempted murder is solved

The Rats - M2, F2

Invited to a party in a London flat, Sandra Grey and David Forrester find themselves alone

Somebody knows about their affair and somebody has locked them in ...

Afternoon at the Seaside - M7, F5

The scene is a refreshing seashore in a resort area where a goodly collection of characters takes part, including a siren in a bikini who has all the men ogling her, and all the women seething

The undercurrents are perfect for theft, and it is not until the very end that the apparent siren turns her wiles in another direction and emerges as a policewoman who solves the otherwise perfect crime ...

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