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The Right Light

Nick Moran Price: $29.99

Sub-titled Interviews with Contemporary Lighting Designers, Nick Moran presents nineteen prominent lighting designers and weaves their insights through his own narrative

He asks how do theatre lighting designers decide what is 'the right light' for each moment of a production?

What informs their choices?

And why does the audience respond more strongly when the lighting feels 'right'?

The book considers practice across different types of theatre, including opera, dance, musicals and drama

Rather than being a technical manual, it allows lighting designers to contribute contrasting and complementary ideas about how to approach lighting design

Moran argues that the best stage lighting is made with emotion, passion and soul, by creative artists willing to take risks

Interviewees include: Neil Austin Lucy Carter Jon Clark Natasha Chivers Paule Constable James Farncombe Rick Fisher Mark Henderson David Howe Michael Hulls Mark Jonathan Peter Mumford Ben Ormerod Bruno Poet Paul Pyant Nick Richings Johanna Town Hugh Vanstone Katharine Williams

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