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The Restoration of Nell Gwyn

1 Male, 1 Female

Steve Trafford with Songs by Henry Purcell Price: $14.95

This new comedy by Steve Trafford with songs by Henry Purcell transports us into the wanton world of the English Restoration

King Charles II lies ill

Nell Gwyn - his royal whore, once the brightest star of the Restoration theatre - rages against her fate

What will become of her if Charles is summoned to his Maker?

What perils will befall the English nation?

Mistress Gwyn and Margery, her maid, lead us a merry dance, filled with their laughter, their tears, and Nellís enchanting songs of the Baroque

This rollicking romp is full of humour and bawdy wit

But ends with a sting in its tail ...

Nell Gwynn

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