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The Real Sherlock Holmes

2 Male, 1 Female

Cenarth Fox Price: $7.99

Arthur Conan Doyle wants to tell his amazing life story

But he's confused

Fortunately his feisty Irish mother and that detective bloke Sherlock Holmes are there to help

'I created you, Holmes,' says Doyle

'But without me you're a nobody,' replies Sherlock

And the fun begins


“If ever there was a great night of theatre it would have to be The Real Sherlock Holmes. What a wonderful adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan’s Doyle’s life. Congratulations on a great show” ~ Brian Amos - Radio Eastern

“We thoroughly enjoyed the play and congratulations on your research which produced such a lively, informative and entertaining show” ~ The Sherlock Holmes Society of Melbourne

“A well-researched play which reveals so much about Conan Doyle … I loved it, a super night, warmly recommended” ~ Curtain Up

“A great production, booked out of course, with a fascinating display of Holmes and Doyle memorabilia. We did so enjoy the performance of The Real Sherlock Holmes. It is a wonderful play” ~ Brighton Theatre Company

”I've greatly enjoyed reading The Real Sherlock Holmes - now I want to see it performed!” ~ The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

“The world premiere of The Real Sherlock Holmes was a marvellous success. We got great reviews and made money” ~ Encore Theatre Company

“The Real Sherlock Holmes was so interesting and worthwhile, I have recommended it to all our other venues. Everyone who saw it was absolutely thrilled” ~ Roseville Village

“It was fantastic; history with humour. We just didn’t want it to end. Congratulations on your superb script” ~ Peridot Theatre Company


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