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The Proctologist’s Daughter

2 Male, 3 Female

Edward Crosby Wells Price: $7.99

A comedic look at the film-noir of the 1940s

Baroness Von Cobra is the epitome of the "dragon lady" of this particular genre

She's a spy for the Third Reich and from her mansion high atop the Hollywood Hills she runs her spy operation and reports directly to Berlin

Her residence is a nest of Nazi spies, a gorilla and a cobra named Adolph

She's assisted in her villainy Otto Papschmier, her ever-faithful servant, and Frau Schnapps, her deviously clever housekeeper

The Baroness is assigned to uncover the whereabouts of a secret weapon that the Third Reich is anxious to get its hands on

But can she be thwarted by Dick Palmer, the cool secret agent for the Allied Secret Submarine Service (ASSS)

And his girlfriend, Velma Lombard, a Woolworth’s saleslady and wannabe movie star?


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