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The Postman Always Rings Twice

Large Mixed Cast

Jon Jory from James M Cain Price: $9.99

This stage adaptation of James M Cain’s taut thriller masterfully retains all the searing characterization and suspense that made the novel and the film noir classics

Drifter Frank Chambers accepts a job from the alcoholic owner of a diner in a town he’s hitchhiking through

Frank and Cora - the diner owner’s young wife - quickly start a romance

Cora convinces Frank the only way they can be together is for Frank to kill husband Nick and collect the insurance money

But a botched first plan leaves Nick in hospital

Suspecting nothing about the affair, Nick resolves to sell the diner and take Cora away

Now desperate, Cora and Frank stage an automobile accident

This time Nick is killed

But the District Attorney is suspicious and pits the two of them against each other

And soon their hopes of being together are shattered

M5,F3 or Large Mixed Cast - up to M14,F6 (flexible)

Runs about 90 minutes

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