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The Playwright’s Workbook

Jean-Claude van Itallie Price: $19.95

A series of 13 written workshops for playwrights

Subjects include:

- Conflict and Character: The Dominant Image; Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller

- Dialogue and the Spoken Word: Overheard Voices; Ibsen and Shakespeare

- Creating the Solo Performance Piece: Listening for Stories

- Dialogues and Monologues: The Power of the "What"

- Terror and Vulnerability

- Ionesco - The Point of Absurdity

- Creating without Possessing; Pinter and Beckett

- The Alienation Effect: People using People; Bertolt Brecht and Antonin Artaud

- Dreams and Ceremony: Chekhov and Soap Opera

- The Breathing of a Play: The Order of Scenes

- Editing and Rewriting: Writing in Pursuit

- Moving toward Production: Collaboration

- Why Write for Theatre?

- Overheard voices: Ibsen and Shakespeare

- The solo performance piece: listening for stories

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