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The Picture of Dorian Gray & Camille - CBC Stage Series - Originally Broadcast 1950 - 2 Audio Cassettes

Oscar Wilde & Alexandre Dumas Price: $29.99

When Dorian Gray, a wealthy but naive young man, has his portrait painted, he rashly wishes that he could remain as youthful and beautiful as the handsome face in the portrait. Little does he realize that his wish will come true. But Gray's wanton lifestyle will eventually catch up with him, and the consequences of his reckless behavior will come to haunt him.

Originally broadcast 1950, it stars Frank Perry, Budd Knapp, Robert Christie, John Drainie, Sandra Scott, Alan King.

Also on this bill is Alexandre Dumas' timeless Camille. This is the tale of Marguerite Gauthier, a dying French courtesan who's won the heart of Armand Duval, a handsome young nobleman.

Secretly, Armand's father persuades Marguerite to give up his son. Soon after, the father relents and Armand returns to Marguerite, but he may be too late as he finds her close to death.

Originally broadcast 1950 it stars Barbara Chilcott, Barry Morse, Frank Peddie, Jane Mallett, Alan King, Drew Thompson, Joanne Clark

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