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The Phony Physician

5 Male, 3 Female

Thomas Hischak From Moliere Price: $7.99

Adapted from Moliere's The Doctor in Spite of Himself

Skelly is the laziest fool in the village

He refuses to cut down trees because they are his only friends

To get even with her layabout husband, Mavis tells a wealthy man that Skelly is the most skilled physician in ten counties

And that to get him to work, Skelly must be beaten with a broom

So poor, bullied Skelly is forced to become a doctor and to the city he goes - with resulting comic confusions and side-splitting satirical commentary on the medical profession

In the end he cures Lucy (she was only faking her illness to avoid a pre-arranged marriage) and becomes the hero of the day

Filled with farcical action and vaudeville-like jokes, this comedy is easily staged and a guaranteed audience-pleaser

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