The Omelet Murder Case

The Omelet Murder Case $12.99

Tim Kelly

Published by Dramatists Play Service

3 Male 5 Female

As the author describes: Imagine what would happen if the tragedy of Hamlet were played like a story in a trashy detective magazine!

The bard would never be the same and neither would your audience. Shy on poetry but loaded with poetic license (and laughter) The Omelet Murder Case introduces Chicago's number one private investigator and hack writer, "Shake" Speare

Shake is noted for his juicy yarns: "Who Poisoned Juliet?" - "Don't Go In The Tower With Richard" - "Madman Macbeth Is A Lousy Host." With his faithful secretary Miss Marlowe he's summoned to the fabulous Elsinore Mansion, where things are, as Shake would say, "moiderous"

The once-lovely Miss Ophelia has traded in her evening wrap for a straitjacket, the Stern sisters (Gilda and Rosa) are acting weird, and society queen Gertrude is all nerves because her flaky son is telling people that his father was done in by poison dropped in the ear (was it murder or wax buildup?)

But it isn't until Shake arrives that things really get muddled. Gertrude's new husband, Claude, is downright rude, and son Hamlet is edging closer to the funny farm minute by minute. Shake's deductions are both awful and uproarious

Could the true murder weapon be those mysterious olives? The lukewarm Ovaltine? What has cable television to do with any of it? The solution, alas, leaves Shake with egg on his face, but Marlowe is determined to write up the case

She gets the detective's blessing, although he thinks a title like Hamlet will never sell. The riotous characters are fun to play and the production aspects are extremely simple

Ideal for contest use or for any group looking for something amusing and "different." Running time is about thirty minutes

Sure to please audiences of all ages, this far-out and very funny farce imagines how Hamlet would have fared in the hands of a trashy, pulp fiction crime writer. All the familiar characters are present (more or less) but the hilarious twists and turns of plot are not quite what the immortal bard had in mind

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