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The Odyssey

Thomas Hischak from Homer Price: $9.99

The greatest adventure story of all time comes to the stage in a lively and theatrical fashion that will enthrall audiences of all ages

An old man enters the court of Ithaca where Queen Penelope and her son Telemachus have waited years for King Odysseus to return from the War with Troy

The old man says he sailed with the famous Greek hero and his tale comes to life before our eyes

But who is the old man and why has he come so far to tell this story?

It turns out it is Odysseus himself - disguised by the goddess Athena so that he can be reunited with his family and be revenged on those who plan to steal his kingdom

Because of the play-within-a-play format used, period costumes and sets are not needed

The episodes are re-enacted with clever theatrics rather than spectacle and special effects

Here is an exciting theatre piece with many roles for an adventurous cast

Flexible cast: M11-20 - F10-20 - Doubling possible - Open stage

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