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The Naked King & The Shadow & The Dragon - Playscript 76

Yevgheny Shvarts trans Elisavesta Fen - HARDBACK Price: $24.95

The Naked King (1934) is based on three Anderson Tales, the most obvious being The Emperor's New Clothes. It satarizes not only Stalin, but the many hypocrisies of 1930s Soviet ideology

The Shadow (1949) depicts a man betrayed by his own shadow living in a Soviet world of suspicion and paranoia

The Dragon (1944) is an eloquent and powerful portrayal of the degrading and destructive effects of totalitarianism. Through his protagonist who chooses to fight and overthrow the tyrant and risk the assumption of power in the belief that it can be used for good ends, Shvarts decries not only the abuses of government, but the deluded complacency and self-enslavement of the people themselves

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