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The Mumberley Inheritance

5 Male, 3 Female

Warren Graves Price: $10.95

The traditional melodrama themes are reworked in a fast-paced entertainment romp through the trials and tribulations of Mumberley Manor, England in 1900

Brother Jack is in Canada trying to find out the secrets of the Mumberley fortune - father's gambling debts are in the hands of the villainous Marmaduke Mayhem - so what can poor daughter Daphne do but marry Mayhem, leaving Rodney Stoutheart and his stiff upper lip at the vestry door?

Rodney disguises himself as Jack at the exact moment that Jack returns from Canada, thus the villain's attempts to dispose of Jack inevitably lead to unfortunate experiences for poor Rodney

All ends well once the black villain has played his death scene - with encores!

Winner of the Samuel French Challenge Award for "Best Canadian Production" and a proven crowd-pleaser

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