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The Moon Away

3 Male, 1 Female

Edward Crosby Wells Price: $7.99

Based on a true story, this powerful and intense drama takes place between September 1984 and April 1985

Joe, a photographer in southern New Mexico while grappling with his identity as a gay man, is suddenly thrown into a nightmare world when he is wrongly accused of criminal sexual contact with a minor

The story follows seven months of his life as he struggles to overcome his obstacles

Dream sequences and flashbacks take the audience on a surreal journey through the nightmare world of the inner-self and the hostile environment in which Joe finds himself


The Moon Away is more than a play about homosexuality. It is an exploration into the elements (loves, fears, etc) that make a person complete. That search for one’s self is a shared experience by all people, regardless of sexuality. That is what makes us human. It is amazing and beautiful. It feels real. It is a show that challenges, engages, moves, and uplifts the viewer. I have never seen an audience hold their breath like they have for this piece. The audience hangs on every word and image. This comes from great writing . . . passion permeates throughout The Moon Away" ~ Braden Weeks, Boston Producing Director


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