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The Monster of the Maze - The Story of Theseus & the Minotaur - PERFORMANCE PACK

Large Mixed Cast

Anthony James Price: $99.95

Prince Theseus sails from Athens with his crew, to the island of Crete, to rescue fourteen children who are being sacrificed to a terrible monster by King Minos

The King believes his own son to have been killed in Athens, and in the dark labyrinth beneath his splendid palace he keeps the mighty Minotaur, a creature half man, half bull

On arrival Theseus and his crew are captured and thrown, unarmed, into the lair of the Monster. Theseus has only one chance to save himself, his Crew and the innocent children of his homeland, with the help and love of King Minos' daughter Ariadne

Will Ariadne help Theseus, and will the Prince be able to rescue the Children of Athens from the fangs of the monstrous Minotaur?

Monster of the Maze is a lively retelling of the famous Greek Legend of Theseus and the Minotaur, based accurately on the legend and created specifically for children


Total Characters - 5 Main parts, 14 Athenian children.(7 boys & 7 girls) 8 - 20 Theseus's Crew. 4 Handmaidens. 4 Skeletons. All numbers can be expanded or reduced

Prince Theseus - The hero. Son of the King of Athens
Princess Ariadne - Daughter of King Minos
King Minos - Ruler of Crete and keeper of the Minotaur
The Minotaur. A monster, half man half bull
The Crew. Theseus' Crew
The Children. Seven boys and seven girls. Athenian children about to be sacrificed to the hungry Minotaur
The Skeletons. Spooky inhabitants of the Labyrinth
The Handmaidens. Princess Ariadne's servants
The Palace Guards. King Minos' Palace guard


  • The Script

  • An Art Pack - containing instructions as to how to design and construct the scenery, make the costumes and recreate the props

  • Music Score - score for piano which usually includes guitar chords

  • Music CD - fully orchestrated Backing Tracks which can be used for performance & rehearsal


    Girl Power BC
    It's Nice to Have a Pet

    The other Songs are ...

  • Dinner Time
  • Heroes
  • It's Good to Have a Plan
  • Maybe it's Time
  • Oh No! Love at First Sight
  • Sailing to Save the Children
  • We've Saved the Children
  • Who's Afraid of the Dark

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