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The Money Shot

1 Male, 3 Female

Neil LaBute Price: $9.99

An hilarious and insightful comedy about ambition, art, status, and sex in an era — and an industry — where very little is sacred and almost nothing is taboo

Karen and Steve are glamorous movie stars with one thing in common ...


It’s been years since either one’s had a hit

But a hot-shot European director could change all that with his latest movie

The night before filming a big scene that will undoubtedly bring them back onto the pop culture radar, Karen and her partner, Bev, meet with Steve and his aspiring actress wife, Missy, in order to make a life-changing decision


“… comedy comes first … consistently hilarious” ~ New York Post

“… an acid-tongued showbiz satire … barbed accuracy … consistent pleasure" ~ Variety

“Neil LaBute does it again…entertainment start to finish … LaBute gets his laughs — and he gets a carload of them … watching Hollywood get its comeuppance” ~ The Huffington Post

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