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The Migrant Farmworker’s Son

3 Male, 2 Female

Silvia Gonzalez S Price: $9.99

Henry, the son of migrant farmworkers who live in a small town in Arizona, has been encouraged by his mother to assimilate become American

His father feels isolated from his son by the boy's lack of Spanish (and his own lack of English), a frustration which occasionally finds physical expression

Throughout the play, blue Mexican peasants and fantastical images are used in Felini-like tones to express the migrant life and Henry's frustrations with his duel existence

Henry's friend, Oliverio, an old farmworker, recites poetry to him in the fields under the stars

Embedded in the poems are messages for Henry, to help him understand his father

After a confrontation between father and son, Henry learns of his father's secret pain

When the family unites, they discover that Oliverio was killed in a roll-over tractor accident fifteen years ago

It was his spirit that helped the family reconcile. And now, his mission accomplished, the old man exits with the blue Mexican peasants in a scene reminiscent of a Diego Rivera mural

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