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The Mayor of Zalamea

Large Cast Male, 3 Female

Adrian Mitchell from Pedro Calderon de la Barca Price: $9.99

"Calderon's play, in Mitchell's robust, down-to-earth rhyming translation, is an undoubted world masterpiece

It is a battle-to-the-death between the instinctive honor-rooted justice of the Spanish peasant and the narrow, castebound justice of the military

We are in a small Spanish town where Philip II's troops are billeted en route for Portugal

An arrogant captain falls obsessively in love with the daughter of Crespo, a rich peasant farmer

Having failed to win the girl openly, the captain whisks her off to a forest and rapes her

When Crespo becomes mayor, the stage is then set for a conflict between his desire for instant justice and the tribal code of the Spanish army, a deadlock that is resolved only by the arrival of the king himself" ~ Michael Billington, The Guardian

In The Mayor of Zalamea, which premiered at the National Theatre in London, Calderon challenges our preconceived ideas of honor, of individual responsibility and of personal dignity and asks us to examine the relationship between civil law and military authority

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