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The Lion Who Roared Meow

3 Male, 1 Female

Dor Zweigenbom Price: $7.99

Lionel has saved the animals by chasing a hunter away

Because of this brave act he is elected by the animals to be king of the Wazubewawa forest

But soon enough he discovers that he will not be able to keep his position, because in fact the animals are afraid of his roar

It becomes obvious to Lionel that his ferocious voice, which was a salvation when faced with danger, is now only a burden in the day to day management of the kingdom

Lionel sets out on a quest to learn other animal sounds. The cow tries to teach him how to moo. In order to succeed he must learn to take his time and not be in such a hurry

Later on, the sheep try to teach him how to baaaah. This is also not an easy feat, because in order to produce a sheep's sound he must give up his natural urge to lead and become as one of the flock

The Hyena in his turn tries to teach the king how to laugh by showing him the lighter aspect of life

But eventually, only after he overcomes his jealousy of his brother cub, he asks his sibling for help. Cub gladly responds by teaching Lionel the sound that makes him loved by all the forest animals

It is the meow


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