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The Leading Lady

3 Male, 4 Female

Angeliki Zaphiropoulou Price: $14.95

Claire, an incomparable Leading Lady, in London, is married to Ralph, a stage director

Joy, an actress and Ralph’s childhood friend, envious of their happiness, cunningly persuades Rebecca, her attractive niece, to feign being in love with Ralph

The romance of unsuspicious Ralph with Rebecca stirs Claire

Away from public scrutiny, Claire learns to approach life in a humane way at a villa in Kinetta, in Greece

Ellen, her faithful maid-dresser and George, a gifted for the flute autistic boy, Ellen’s nephew, stay with her

Despite their old age, Ellen and Andrea, the gardener, fall in love

Learning to his cost, Ralph joins them unexpectedly

Will Claire’s and Ralph’s hearty involvement in the autistic cause be beneficial for their stormy relationship?

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