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+ The L.A. Theatre Works Audio Docudrama Series - Pivotal Moments in American History

L.A. Theatre Works Price: $35.95

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A unique play Anthology featuring five gripping docudramas originally commissioned by L.A. Theatre Works that each explore pivotal moments in 20th century U.S history

With ensemble casts and innovative staging potential these plays are perfect for theatre companies, schools and educational groups looking to stage familiar historical stories in new and original ways

Each play is accompanied by dramaturgical notes that help contextualize and analyze both the events themselves and the dramatic form in which they are presented

The Anthology includes:

The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial ~ Peter Goodchild

The Real Dr. Strangelove ~ Peter Goodchild

RFK: The Journey to Justice ~ Murray Horwitz and Jonathan Estrin

The Chicago Conspiracy Trial ~ Peter Goodchild

Top Secret - The Battle for the Pentagon Papers ~ Geoffrey Cowan and Leroy Aarons (Winner of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Best Live Entertainment Award, 1992)

As well as these five scripts the Anthology also includes a foreword by Professor Michael Hackett, Professor of Directing and Theatre History at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

A dramaturgical note by Elizabeth Bennett

A Producing Director Note by Susan Loewenberg

And an Interview with longtime Kennedy confidante Father Ted Hesburgh, former President of Notre Dame University

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