The Integrated Voice DVD - A Complete Voice Course for Actors

The Integrated Voice DVD - A Complete Voice Course for Actors $29.99, $22.49 (25% off)

Sarah Case

Published by Nick Hern Books

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A unique new approach to the understanding and training of the actor's voice

Structured as a series of practical workshops, the book leads you, session by session, through the foundations of release and relaxation, breath and voice support

Later sessions concentrate on developing your stamina and muscularity, deep resonance, and your ability to create and sustain extreme vocal states

The book will help you to develop a voice that is utterly integrated with your body, breath, mind and emotion and, therefore, with any character or text you are working on

Accompanying the 416 page Book is a 110minute DVD, showing many of the exercises and sessions in action, and featuring full-length workouts and warm-ups which you can join in with, to help you prepare your own voice

The result is a systematic and rigorous course to train and improve one of your most important instruments as an actor

Essential reading (and viewing) for students, training actors, working professionals and their teachers and coaches

"A great cause for celebration ... a trustworthy and highly instructive companion to the work that takes place in the studio" ~ Jane Boston, Head of the International Centre for Voice





Main Warm-up/Workout
Short Warm-up
Restoration Warm-up
Angel Wings semi-supine with arm raises and sound
Rolling Down the Spine with breath and voice
Sun Salutation with voice


Speech Work: Preparation

Lip Exercises

Lip Warm-ups
Lip Muscularity & Agility
Lip Consonant Drills

Tongue & Soft Palate Exercises

Tongue Warm-ups
Tongue Muscularity & Aerobics
Tongue Flexibility
Tongue & Soft Palate Consonant Drills

Speech Work: Application

Articulation & Resonance

Basic Figure of 8 Pattern
Consonant Combinations
Figure of 8 Accents
Further Sequence & Articulations


Text & Extras

Taking a Baby 'f' for a Walk
Sailor's Hornpipe articulation jingle
O for a Muse of Fire physicalised sections
There is Beauty (The Mikado)
Poppy Protested articulation sentence

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