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The Improviser’s Way - A Longform Workbook

Katy Schutte Price: $24.95

A brilliant new book on the increasingly popular technique of Longform improvisation by a highly accomplished practitioner and teacher

Shortform Improv consists of short scenes usually constructed from a predetermined game, structure, or an idea driven by an audience suggestion

Longform Improv performers develop this approach, creating shows in which short scenes, characters and themes expand and tie together so an entire show can unfold from an initial suggestion

Increasingly used in both theatre and comedy, Longform Improvisation is a hugely successful way of connecting with audiences, often putting them in the driving seat

This inspiring and interactive Workbook will help you develop all the necessary skills to master this thrillingly creative and empowering form of performance

Structured as a twelve-week course, The Improviserís Way provides techniques, advice and exercises that can be done on your own or in groups

It draws on the authorís own experience of performing and teaching improv around the world, with added gems of wisdom from key experts

Starting with the basics of improvisation, it explores areas of the craft such as rehearsals, character, editing, form and style

And it also offers career advice, including how to cope with bad gigs, jealousy, fear of missing out and challenging your Inner Critic

The Improviserís Way is ideal for improvisers at any level

From from those entirely new to Improv and those familiar with Shortform looking to extend their reach to experienced Longform performers, directors and teachers looking to refresh their approach and embrace new ideas

By the end, you wonít just be a better improviser

Youíll be a better person!


"Katy Schutte is a leading light of the UK improv scene and this book is as warm, witty, compassionate and funny as she is" ~ Tom Salinksy - Spontaneity Shop

"Written with the calm and kind wisdom of someone who has been there and done that, here is a wealth of brilliant suggestions to help you improvise better and, perhaps more importantly, help you be better at the job of being an improviser" ~ Lee Simpson - The Comedy Store Players & Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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