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The Hound of the Baskervilles - Broadcast 1968 - 2 Audio Cassettes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Price: $21.95

The Baskerville family legend of the Hound demands they avoid the moors in those hours of the night when the powers of evil are exalted. Every Baskerville who has lived in the family home since the Legend began has met with a violent death and so Dr. Mortimer writes to the one man that can help him exorcise the curse - Sherlock Holmes

This radio adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's masterpiece traces Sherlock Holmes' adventure of superstition and revenge on the barren, gloomy moors in this thrilling mystery.

Adapted by Marian Waldman Producer Eithne Black Composer: Allen Doremus Sherlock Holmes - Henry Comor, Dr. Watson - Gerard Parkes, Barrymore - Gillie Fenwick, Mrs. Barrymore - Moya Fenwick, Sir Henry Baskerville - Chris Wiggins, Dr. Mortimer - Norman Welsh Frankland - Alfred Gallagher, Stapleton - Paul Harding, Laura Lyons - Diana Barrington

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