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The Here and This and Now

2 Male, 2 Female

Glenn Waldron Price: $16.95

"I just don't know if I'm ever happy. Like, really truly happy. Even if you sent me up to space, by day four I'd be worrying if I had enough stuff on my Kindle..."

What makes us truly happy?



Professional success?

Blasting it in the gym?



Or are we ignoring the bigger stuff?

The real life-changing stuff that can devastate the world if we just keep ignoring it ...

Glenn Waldron's acclaimed comedy takes a sharp and surprising look at the pharmaceuticals business

And the quest for happiness


'" ... seduces us with laughter" ~ Guardian

"A brilliantly taut black comedy… better and bigger than Black Mirror, and with much more to say" ~ The Stage

'If you like Black Mirror, you're going to love this … structurally playful and infused with a gleefully black humour, it absorbingly exposes the irresponsibility of big pharma, the depravity of salesmanship, and a whole lot more besides. It's hilarious and horrific, all at once" ~

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