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The Hen Party

0 Male, 4 Female

Paul L. Hedge Price: $14.95

Dawn, Rachel, Fiona, Maggie and Baba have been out celebrating Dawn's hen night. They return in very high spirits to Bab's house, much the worse for drink. As they sit in the garden, Babs tells them the history of the house, in particular the cellar. She explains that years ago, it was used for Devil worshipping when a young virgin bride was offered up to the devil as a fertility rite. Spurred on by drink and an impromptu seance, all the girls decide to go down the cellar (the auditorium) and leave the stage. The mood changes dramatically when the cellar door slams shut. The play continues for some time within the audience and in total darkness. Did the girls conjure up the devil? Was it just coincidences? Or was it a case of mass hysteria brought on by too much wine? One-act

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