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The Grapes of Wrath - DPS ACTING EDITION

Large Mixed Cast

Frank Galati from John Steinbeck Price: $9.99

Renowned first as a novel, and then as a prize-winning motion picture, the story of the Joad family and their flight from the dust bowl of Oklahoma is familiar to all

Desperately proud, but reduced to poverty by the loss of their farm, the Joads pile their few possessions on a battered old truck and head west for California, hoping to find work and a better life

Led by the indomitable Ma Joad, who is determined to keep the family together at any cost, and by the volatile young Tom Joad, an ex-convict who grows increasingly impatient with the intolerance and exploitation which they encounter on their trek, the Joads must deal with death and terrible deprivation before reaching their destination - where their waning hopes are dealt a final blow by the stark realities of the Great Depression

And yet, despite the anguish and suffering which it depicts, the play becomes in the final essence a soaring and deeply moving affirmation of the indomitability of the human spirit, and of the essential goodness and strength which—then as now—resides in the hearts and minds of the "common man," throughout the world

Winner of the 1990 Tony Award and Outer Critics Circle Award

"This is, overall, a thrilling theatrical achievement that gets its power from the still sharp relevance of its human message" ~ NY Post

" ... a lesson in history, stagecraft, and truth that we cannot afford not to learn" ~ NY Magazine

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