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The God of Hell

3 Male, 1 Female

Sam Shepard Price: $9.99

An uproarious, brilliantly provocative farce that brings the gifts of a quintessentially American playwright to bear on the current American dilemma

Frank and Emma are a quiet, respectable couple who raise cows on their Wisconsin farm

Soon after they agree to put up Frank’s old friend Haynes, who is on the lam from a secret government project involving plutonium, they’re visited by Welch, an unctuous government bureaucrat from hell

His aggressive patriotism puts Frank, Emma and Haynes on the defensive, transforming a heartland American household into a scene of torture and promoting a radioactive brand of conformity with a dangerously low half life

“Deliriously entertaining and deeply scary ... a shivering work of existential mystery” ~ NY Newsday

“Pungent and poignant ... darkly comic ... masterfully acerbic” ~ USA Today

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