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+ The Gig

8 Male, 3 Female

Douglas J. Cohen & Frank D. Gilroy Price: $8.25

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A used car salesman, a dentist, a real estate agent, a financial advisor, a deli owner and a music teacher get together once a week to play jazz

It's the highlight of their lives

But when one answers an ad and gets a two week gig in the Catskills, they shed their ordinary lives and begin an adventure that reveals truths about friendship, the joy of music and the importance of dreams

The gig is not what they expected and each returns from the Catskills changed by the experience

NOTE: The actors do not need to play instruments - they mime their performances

This Winner of the 1994 Richard Rogers Grant was inaugurated at the Manhattan Theatre Club's New Musicals in Concert at City Center


"A winning musical" ~ N.Y. Times

"A great show!" ~ National Public Radio

"A rich look at "regular guys' .. Excellent. Four stars" ~ Sacramento Bee

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