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The Final Frontier - A Space Fantasy

Large Mixed Cast

David Rawson & Jenifer Hillman Price: $7.95

It all starts in a playground where some innocent earthlings are beamed up onto the USSS Surprise

The crew of this strangely familiar spaceship are on a mission to save Earth from the sinister Daft Invader

This evil tyrant has captured the Princess Saccharin and is holding her prisoner on the planet Jupiter

She, however, put off by his breathing problem is refusing to marry him

His answer is to invade Earth to capture Boots the Chemist to cure himself of his problem

The heroic crew of USSS Surprise, led by Captain Burk, dash through space to save the day encountering planets, asteroids and the terrifying Black Hole along the way

Can the earth be saved?

Is there a hero brave enough to save the Princess?

Can Daft Invader be cured?

And what use is a snotty nose?

Cast - 45 named parts but this is flexible and could be reduced to suit numbers

Suggested Age Range: 7 - 11

Music - Anything that fits with a space theme

Set - Minimal or more ambitious as you wish

Runs about 45 minutes

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