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The Fifth Elephant

Large Mixed Cast

Stephen Briggs from Terry Pratchett Price: $14.95

In this stage adaptation of one of Pratchett's best-selling novels, Commander Vimes is sent to wild, wintry and Transylvania-like Uberwald to establish trade links with the King of the Dwarfs but he ends up trying to stop and inter-species war

On his side though, is a talking dog, a reformed vampyre and a self-made man. You can tell he's self-made because the stitches still show

Vimes may have arrived as Ankh-Morpork's ambassador but he soon finds it's not all golden chocolate balls. Now he's an escaped prisoner - out in the icy woods, wearing only the gloomy trousers of Uncle Vanya and being chased by a pack of fascist werewolves who don't play by the rules

"One of the funniest authors alive" The Independent

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