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The Fairy Garden & Linda Her

5 Male, 2 Female

Harry Kondoleon Price: $9.99

In The Fairy Garden, we meet another discontented wife, Dagny, who married her husband, Boris, for his money, and now regrets it

She is also in love with a male stripper called the Mechanic, so she settles matters by decapitating her husband, much to the amazement of her guests, a homosexual couple named Roman and Mimi

Fortunately disaster is averted by the arrival of a genuine fairy, who reunites Boris with his head and then decides to run off with him; while Mimi suddenly declares his love for Dagny, and Roman, left alone, finds some consolation in the arrival of The Mechanic, who nonchalantly goes into his very funny routine (M4,F2)

Linda Her, is set in a summer cottage where Carol, an insomniac, lies awake pondering her dissatisfaction with her boring husband (who talks endlessly of a lost love whom he hasn't seen since kindergarten) and their bratty daughter

In fact she is thoroughly disenchanted with the whole domestic scene whereas her unmarried friend, Janet, couldn't think of anything nicer

So Carol does the right thing, and tiptoes off to a new life, leaving her sleeping husband and child to the ministrations of the easily persuaded Janet (M1,F2)

"Kondoleon is a writer of considerable comic sophistication whose style blends Noel Coward into the Theater of the Absurd" ~ Don Nelson NY Daily News

"Mr Kondoleon's writing blossoms like one of those Japanese paper flowers you drop into a glass of water" ~ Julius Novick, The Village Voice

"Mr Kondoleon's glittery language and absurdist world view are as arresting as always" ~ NY Times

"It was delightful and disturbing. And wicked" ~ NY Post

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