The Exit Interview

The Exit Interview $10.99

William Missouri Downs

Published by Samuel French Inc

3 Male 3 Female

Bertolt Brecht scholar Dick Fig has been terminated by his university and is having an excruciating exit interview with Eunice a decidedly droll administrator

A wild and witty farce follows that ricochets through Brechtian interludes, a pair of politically-radicalized cheerleaders, a pompous newsman, communiques from God, and debates on religion, science and politics before reaching its surprising conclusion

"A rip-roaring send-up of Americanized Brechtian angst that had the audience howling" ~ Stage Magazine

"A gleefully boundary-flouting riff on religion, piety and the limits of belief ... William Missouri Downs' bonkers theatrical carnival is to conventional plays what Burning Man is to a weenie roast. It's like an elaborate, lovingly constructed spitball aimed at the idea of divinity ... Downs' vision for it is nothing if not ambitious - he shoehorns comedy and commentary about religion into a broader construct of questioning and messing with pat perceptions of reality, taking his cues from the work of the German theater icon Bertolt Brecht" ~ San Diego Union Tribune


DICK FIG - a young college professor with his leg in a cast; his PhD was on Bertolt Brecht

EUNICE - a pawn in the human resources department

ACTRESS #1 - CHEERLEADER #1, with pompoms; MARY, an oboe player and Dick's ex-girlfriend;SAMANTHA, a mother with a baby carriage; BUSINESSWOMAN #2, an expert on underwear; and DR. DOBSON, PhD in religious studies from Yale

ACTRESS #2 - CHEERLEADER #2, with pompoms; MRS. MEREDITH, Mary's mother; CHLOE, Eunice's young assistant; A MAKEUP LADY, can make you look good; BETH, a mother with a baby carriage; BUSINESSWOMAN IN A BRA, an expert on bras; LADY NEWSCASTER, Foxy Fox Newscaster; ACTRESS #1, Bertolt Brecht announcer; and DR. KATTS, a distinguished scientist

ACTOR #1 - MASKED GUNMAN, who has killed ten people; ACTOR #1, Bertolt Brecht announcer; A PRIEST, A celibate; BUSINESSMAN #1, an expert on underwear; DR. HUBERT, president of the LDS Church; and HANK STARLING, a professional baseball player

ACTOR #2 - WALTER, Foxy Fox Newscaster; BUSINESSMAN #2, an expert on underwear; DR. JAEGER, a distinguished scientist; and ACTOR #2, Bertolt Brecht announcer

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