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The Enigma

3 Male, 2 Female

John Patrick Price: $9.99

Stuart Pearson, a young computer operator, lives in terror of the "tiger" who has moved in with him, but he gets little sympathy from his airline pilot friend, Phil Rittenhouse, the main reason being that the tiger, Elsa, is visible to Stu only

However he fares better with his lovely neighbor, Nora Dall, as she has a similar problem herself her nemesis being Tarzan, a "gorilla" again very real to her, but unseen by others

The complications multiply uproariously as the two scheme to get rid of their unwanted companions while, at the same time, "finding" each other

Meanwhile, however, their doubting friend, Phil, ends up with the strangest apparition of all, a small shaggy "enigma" who follows him everywhere until a desperate, but well-placed, bullet sets him free as well

First hailed for its success in summer theatre, this fast-moving, hilarious comedy-fantasy deals with the predicament of a young man who imagines that there is a tiger living with him, a young girl who has a similar problem with a gorilla, and their doubting friend who, ironically, ends up with a rather strange companion himself

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