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The Elephant Man

6 Male, 2 Female

Bernard Pomerance Price: $10.95

This is the true story of a man whose body is hideously deformed, but within is a remarkably sensitive and intelligent being. Merrick is exploited by Victorian society and philanthropy

He is befriended by an ambitious and brilliant young surgeon who looks after him in his last few years finding him a home in a London hospital where the lovable freak's presence is shrewdly used for fund raising

Merrick is introduced to high society, becoming dependent on the success his deformity brings him

A well known actress tries to ease his sexual loneliness, but her efforts are thwarted by hypocrisy

Even those who love him can't help him and ultimately he dies from his horrible affliction

Winner of numerous Tony Awards including Best Play, The Elephant Man was revived on Broadway for the 2002 season


"A thoughtful, moving and worthwhile play" ~ N.Y. Times

"Utterly fascinating.... A distinguished piece of work" ~ N.Y. Daily News

"At heart in addresses the simple issue of what it means to be human" ~ N.Y. Daily News

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