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The Dwarfs - Nine Revue Sketches - includes Trouble in the Works & The Black and White & More

Harold Pinter Price: $9.99

Trouble in the Works ~

A worker tells the boss that the men in the mill are satisfied with working conditions it's the products they object to (2 men)

The Black and White ~

Two old buddies, with little to do and nowhere to go, make small talk over soup in a crowded milk bar (2 total)

Request Stop ~

A brief monologue by a "lady" waiting in a bus queue. Is it her fault if the men she asked directions of should race to the wrong conclusions? (2 men, 3 women)

Last to Go ~

A coffee stall. The attendant and an old newspaper seller chat idly about a variety of pointless topics which probably mean little to either of them (2 men)

Applicant ~

Applying for a job, a young man is given a bizarre psychological test which leaves him gasping, blushing and rolling on the floor in shock (1 man, 1 woman)

Interview ~

During an interview, the proprietor of a pornographic book store confides that the "security police" have dossiers on all his customers and so does he

After all, they're a pack of Communists (2 men)

That's All

"Mrs A" and "Mrs B" chatter on about a third party who used to come around on Wednesdays, but changed to Thursdays, because she wanted to go to her old butcher shop or something of that sort (2 women)

That's Your Trouble

Two men in a park engage in a heated discussion about where a aman carrying a sandwich board will feel the strain first and most (2 men)

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