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The Dream Crust

3 Male, 3 Female

Roger Karshner Price: $9.99

Frank Haynes, an earth loving farmer, has given up his hound dogging and high times under the pressure of the family's admonition that "A man has got to get ahead"

Haynes would be happy to do nothing but tend his farm and reap whatever profit it might generate. But he realizes that there are five mouths depending on him and the lure of big money available to him in a nearby big city factory too great to ignore

Set against a backdrop of the land locked Midwest, the play dramatizes a man's persistent, agonizing search for personal freedom and the sense of loss between father and son

"The play's spirit, its underlying warmth, particularly in the unspoken father son relationship, creates a world that's identifiable and that breathes" ~ L.A. Herald Examiner

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