The Dinosaur Musical

The Dinosaur Musical $13

Robert Reale & Willie Reale

Published by Dramatists Play Service

4 Male 5 Female

It is the end of the Cretaceous period - a giant meteor collides with the earth and wreaks havoc with the ecosystem

In order to avoid extinction, the Dinosaurs sign a peace pact called the Treaty of Meat and for a time there is peace between the Carnivores and the Herbivores

But when the wise King of the Tyrannosauruses suddenly dies and his none-too-clever thirteen-year-old son, Quincy, rises to power, trouble begins

King Quincy leads the Tyrannosauruses on a terrible rampage

Carlotta Devries, a Parasaurolophus singing star, and her thirteen-year-old daughter, Mindy, narrowly escape Quincy's forces and take refuge at Swifty's Volcano Café, the clandestine headquarters for the Dinosaur resistance

The café is run by Swifty Levine, a Triceratops comedian, and is staffed with a variety of zany, peaceable Dinosaurs

Can the power of goodwill win out over the forces of evil?

It's a family show, a madcap, jazzy prehistoric musical comedy combining the intrigue and romance of a Hollywood World War II epic with a perky adolescent parent trap

Throw in some Borsht Belt comedy, an erupting volcano and the invention of spaghetti and you've got something for everyone of any age


"A winning and delightful family show" ~ Philadelphia Inquirer

" ... a rare treat - a family musical that really can entertain the whole family. It's a show written with young children in mind that does not talk down to its audience. It works on several levels - it's a cute story about dinosaurs for youngsters; a 'girl power' story to appeal to teenagers; and a musical comedy with lots of wit to appeal to adults" ~ Talkin' Broadway

"A charming, irreverent and highly amusing romp. This show is a trippy little musical comedy, full of visual gags, witty word play and some nice tunes. And it's not like anything else you've seen" ~ Kansas City Star

This is the script/libretto - Score is available For Hire

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