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The Creature Creeps - A Comedy in Three Acts

9 Male, 7 Female

Jack Sharkey Price: $9.99

This hilarious send up of the horror story genre has an ancient castle, creaking doors, a mad scientist, his misshapen assistant, a grim housekeeper, secret laboratory, shrieks from the depths of the cellar, disappearing villagers, an incredibly stalwart and stupid hero of sterling character, the scientist's absolutely dopey daughter, and so many laughs you'll lose count

The setting (designed for both proscenium and in the round performances) is the parlor of Castle Von Blitzen in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania

But where is the Baron Von Blitzen's secret laboratory?

That's what the terrified villagers would like to know and when the scientist and his assistant convert the innocent parlor into a fiend's experimental station, the ingenuity of the set provokes both laughter and applause

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