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The Crazy Cowgirls of Pemberley Ranch

Large Mixed Cast

Jon Jory from Jane Austen Price: $9.99

Join the fun at Pemberley Ranch with this smart and clever spin on Jane Austen’s great romance

Pride and Prejudice gets a wacky makeover in this tale of money, marriage and manners set in the Wild West

All of the usual characters are here with some eccentric behaviors, diversions and interests in a play where the idioms are as colorful as the costumes

With encouragement from Mrs. Bennet - who’s looking to get her daughters off the farm and hitched - Mr. Bennet pays a visit to Mr. Bingley

Bingley - who just bought Netherfield Ranch - is new to the neighborhood and “single as a polecat”

That visit results in the invitation to a ball, where the Bennet girls get to meet some fancy gents

Bingley takes a fancy to Jane

His friend, Mr Darcy - also eligible and wealthy - looks down his nose at the whole clan

But later becomes enamored with Lizzie

Meanwhile, Preacher Collins proposes to Lizzie but is turned down

And Lydia falls for Lieutenant Wickham, a handsome fortune hunter

In the end, love, not money, rules the day as three daughters end up married

And Mrs Bennet joyously proclaims that Lizzie is "gonna have a gold plated six-shooter an’ a beaver skin coat!"

M5,F9 + Extras as desired

Runs about an hour

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