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The Conference of the Birds

Large Mixed Cast

Jean-Claude Carriere & Peter Brook from Farid Uddi… Price: $10.95

This play presents you and your actors with an occasion for imagination and magic where the only suggestion of a set is a large oriental carpet ...

There are moments of farce and despair as the Birds attempt to cross the seven valleys with their disturbing riddles

Some die, some drop out, while others continue their quest

At last, the survivors come into the presence of the Great One where the secret is discovered

That they themselves are the embodiment of the divine

Based on the poem by Farid ud-Din Attar

M7,F6 with doubling - can be expanded


"This exquisite piece represents the perfection of Brook's work" ~ Newsweek

"This is the supreme theatrical event of the season" ~ Mel Gussow, New York Times

"The most exciting and provoking event of the theatre season" ~ Jack Kroll

"The play itself is a flying carpet, gliding us aloft into a land of mystery, splendor and ritual. A nation of birds is in crisis, and urged on by one of their flock, the Hoopoe, they chart a path to find their king" ~ The Times

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