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The Cell Phone Rings for Thee - A Collection of Seven 10 Minute Plays

Large Mixed Cast

Werner Trieschmann Price: $10.95

Cell phones, Facebook, cutting-edge shopping carts - all the latest gadgets that bewitch and bedevil us - are addressed in this comic collection of Seven 10-minute plays

The Cell Phone Rings for Thee - Is death really a good enough reason to stop talking on your cell phone?

Gary's Endurance Roast - Wounded, unemployed and on the verge of divorce, Gary reaches for the only lifeline he has left - a coffeehouse chain

The Talking Shopping Cart - The unveiling of a new labor-saving device creates conflict in the Puritan Foods grocery store

Un Restaurant - A cutting-edge restaurant is the setting for a challenging romantic dinner

Coulrophobia - Can Sparkles the clown be rehabilitated before it's too late?

Close Shave - A loser is confronted by his new razor, which has a surly attitude

The Morris A. Crockmorton High-School Cafeteria Text Messaging Tragedy - An ill-advised text message sets off a chain of disastrous events

Simple sets

These plays may also be performed individually or in any combination as an evening of short plays

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