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The Businessman

5 Male, 2 Female

Yakup Almelek trans Alvin Parmar Price: $8.95

The hero of the play, super-rich Aydin Tuna, is one of the country's most successful businessmen

Until the day he finds out that he has an untreatable illness

In this play translated from the Turkish by Alvin Parmar, Yakup Almelek reformulates the dilemma of health or wealth in a contemporary setting

He learns to understand that money and power are of no use without health and in his desperation, he starts to reorder his life on his own terms

He unites his efforts to be himself again, purified of past mistakes, with his search for a cure and the urge to settle scores with his past, takes him to Sicily, where the happiness, health, and love that no wealth or knowledge can ever give are waiting for him

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